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Real Estate Email Marketing

Monday, February 9, 2009

Real estate email marketing is simple with the email marketing software we have available here at Property Software Solutions, helping you to get your message across in a simple and successful manner.

Email marketing is a more modern approach to leaflet dropping and hoping that a few percent of your leaflets are actually going to people who are interested in your real estate. With real estate email marketing the emails sent from your computer will only sent to people on your database that require the property that you are emailing them about so 100% of emails sent are reaching your their target rather than a small percentage.

Our email marketing software is the simplest way for contacting clients and potential clients en masse but still making each email look personal, which can have a great affect on the way your company is perceived when the client receives the email.

For email marketing software to be successful you need to achieve numerous factors. One of the most important factors with email marketing is abiding by the law, adhering to data protection and spam legislation. You must send emails that will not be 'trashed' by spam filters. Information within emails must be presented in such a manner that the end product is a very professional look. Personalise emails to make the recipient feel appreciated. Be able to retrieve details on which emails are 'bounced back' which emails are read, which, if any, links are clicked within your email. There are very few real estate email marketing software systems that can achieve all this, but ours can.

There is a very high chance that your competitors are using something similar but not quite advanced, contact us today and get that extra edge you need in the property market.


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