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As property developers you need to find proactive real estate agents and then provide them with quality information such as brochures, specifications, price lists, images, floor plans, etc. and keep them updated.  This information can:
  • Consist of large numbers of files

  • Comprise of physically large files (5 MB +)

  • Be complicated to organise
Providing your agents with development information has its difficulties.  Emailing the information is not viable since it is simply too large.  Many developers create a simple FTP site and give all agents access to the information via one FTP account.  This is better than nothing but you have to consider:
  • How the information is structured

  • How easy is the FTP site to navigate?

  • Agents may have access to everything

  • Can agents edit and delete information?!
Property FTP resolves all these issues and has been created specifically for property developers to allow their agents secure, easy access to all the relevant sales and marketing documentation. It enables you to:
  • Store information in a flexible and logical structure

  • Manage development information more efficiently

  • Work with larger numbers of agents

  • Provide secure agent specific access

  • Control which development information agents have access to

  • Automatically email agents with the latest development price lists
All of this gives you better control and makes you more efficient, allowing you to spend more time on other key areas of your business.

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  • Greater professionalism

  • Communicate quickly and effectively
    with agents

  • Reduced costs

  • Improve the effectiveness of agents

  • Empower agents

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