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E-mail Marketing

Getting your message across successfully

Email communication is a part of all our lives. It is fast, direct and very efficient. As such it should be a major part of your communication strategy when dealing with prospective Buyers.

You probably already use email software like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird to manage everyday communications with colleagues and Clients on a one to one basis but how do you communicate with present and potential Clients en masse?

Numerous options are available but what is the best solution? You need to achieve the following:

    1) Abide by the law Ė data protection and spam legislation

    2) Get past anti spam systems

    3) Present the information in a format that makes your business look professional

    4) Personalise each email so that the reader feels appreciated

    5) Obtain reports on which emails bounce back, are opened, what links are clicked on, etc.

Most of the systems being offered to you will achieve some of these but very few can tick all the boxes.

Donít be left behind by the competition, call us today on +44 (0)845 833 0883 to see how we can work with you to make the right impression every time.


  • Abide by UK and EU data protection
    and spam legislation

  • Design each campaign to get past anti spam systems

  • Design each campaign to complement your other marketing material, thus strengthening your brand

  • Personalise all emails and can integra-
    te other recipient specific information: countries and properties of interest etc

  • Provide comprehensive live reports as standard


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